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Practice 1. Dates in American English (Basic, A-Level)

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Based on this lesson, write how you need to say each year.

When you are finished, click “Answer.”

Note. Your answers are not submitted. When you leave this page, they will be deleted.

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Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. 1950

nineteen fifty

2. 1700

seventeen hundred

3. 2000

two thousand

the year two thousand

4. 2025

twenty twenty-five

5. 2100

twenty-one hundred

6. 2013

twenty thirteen

7. 1960

nineteen sixty

8. 2035

twenty thirty-five

9. 1973

nineteen seventy-three


nineteen hundred

11. 1776

seventeen seventy-six

12. 2003

two thousand three

twenty oh three

Congratulations on completing the whole exercise!

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