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The Writing Process | (A-Level, Basic)

Table of Contents and Introduction

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Table of Contents

Course Objectives

In this basic (A-level) course, you will learn how to use the writing process to write short and long products (for example, email messages, paragraphs, stories, school assignments, and so on).

You will learn how to (1) generate ideas for your writing; (2) plan your writing before you start; (3) write with a good beginning, middle, and end and with ideas that go together well; and (4) make your work better at the end.

When you use the writing process, you save a lot of time and write better products.

Introduction: Writing Is a Process

When people write, sometimes they sit in front of a computer and start writing right away. That is a big mistake.

They do not think first. In the end, they write ideas that do not always go together very well. Their writing is confusing.


Writing is a process. When you think of writing as a process, you do much better. You think about your ideas before you start writing. You plan what you want to say. Then you know what to write in your sentences. Finally, you go over your writing to make sure that everything works well.

This is the process you will learn in this course.

Navigating the Course

There are two easy ways to navigate the course:

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Up Next: Stage 1. Think

Continue the lesson to learn about the first stage in the writing process.