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The Writing Process | (A-Level, Basic)

Stage 3. Polish

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When you finish your product, you have your first draft.

At Stage 2 (Write), you want to put all your ideas in writing quickly. It is possible that you made mistakes or that you can find different ways to make your ideas clear.

At Stage 3 (Polish), you will revise and edit your draft until you have a great final product.


Revise Your Draft

To revise your writing means to go over your product to make sure your ideas are clear. You ask yourself these questions:

Revising your work

Am I using good vocabulary for the topic and for my readers?

Are all my ideas in the correct place? Do I need to move ideas around?

Do all my ideas go together well to support my main point? (If an idea does not support the main point, rewrite or delete it.)

Am I repeating the same idea? (If you have repetitions, rewrite or delete them.)

Do I need to add more details to make my ideas clear? (For example, do you need to add an explanation or example to make an idea clear.)

Sometimes you need to revise your work more than once until you are happy with it.

Do not overdo it! You need to know when to stop revising.

Edit Your Draft

To edit your writing means to go over it to make sure your grammar is good. Read your work and check the following:

Editing your work


Grammar (subjects, pronouns, verb tenses, and so on).

Punctuation (commas, periods, question marks, and so on).

Sometimes you need to edit your work more than once until you are happy with it. It is always a good idea to get help from someone (a teacher, a work colleague, a friend, and so on).

Do not overdo it! You need to know when to stop revising.

Finalize Your Work (Small Details)

You should also check your work for other details.

For example, if you are writing for college or for work, you may need to format your document a certain way. Are you using the correct font-size, line spacing, indentation, and so on? Make all corrections.


You may also need to submit your work. Do you need to submit it electronically? Do you need to print it? Who do you need to send it or give it to?

Always follow all instructions so your writing is good and your product is correct.


A very brief summary of the writing process is available. If not, you are done!

Congratulations on completing this course!

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