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Expressions Using Reflexive Pronouns: Lesson 1 | (A-Level, Basic)

behave oneself, enjoy oneself, help oneself (to something), introduce oneself

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behave oneself

When you behave yourself, you act in the socially correct way. You do things properly or in the way you should.


Children need to behave themselves when they are not at home.

You must behave yourself in school, or the teacher will get angry.


enjoy oneself

To enjoy yourself means to have fun. You can enjoy yourself during a trip, at a party, or at a music concert.


(at a party) Hi! Are you enjoying yourself?

— We’re going on vacation next week.
— How nice! I hope you enjoy yourselves.


help oneself (to something)

You say, “Help yourself,” when you offer people food, drinks, or anything, and you want them to serve themselves freely. You want them to feel comfortable and take as much as they want.


I have pencils and pens on my desk. Help yourself to them if you need.

Here are some drinks and snacks. Please help yourselves.


introduce oneself (to someone)

When you meet people, someone can introduce you to them or you can introduce yourself. You just walk up to people and introduce yourself to them.


Mark is introducing himself to everyone.

“Hello. May I introduce myself? My name is Mark.”



Practice 1. Fill in the blanks using the expressions in this lesson.

Practice 2. Fill in the blanks using the expressions in this lesson.

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