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Misconceptions about Linguistics

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Comprehension Questions

The following questions are based on what you have just learned.

  1. What is linguistics?
  2. What aspects of language do linguists study?
  3. Which branch of linguistics studies social factors in language?
  4. Where do linguists work?
  5. What is a polyglot?
  6. Are polyglots linguists?
Check Your Answers

For the answers, see the supplemental material provided. If you are unable to answer the questions, you should return to the previous page and review lesson.

Lesson continues below.


How would you respond to the items below? Your responses are not necessarily ine the materials themselves. Instead of looking for (begin bold) "the correct answer," (end bold) reflect on what you have learned to address each item.

  1. To understand how language works, is it important to understand the social context in which it is used? Explain.
  2. What is the difference between prescriptive and descriptive grammar?
  3. "Me and my friend are going out" is considered grammatically incorrect. You should say "My friend and I are going out." Yet, a linguist would study the grammar used in both constructions. If the first form is "incorrect," can you really say there is a "grammar" structure involved?
  4. If someone speaks two or more languages and understand the grammar of those languages very well, is that person a linguist?
Check Your Responses

Possible answers are in the supplemental materials provided.

If you are unable to answer or respond, you may need to go over your notes, review what you learned on the previous page, or perhaps just give yourself time to relfect on the topic.